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Getting ready for the paintout

Life as an artist is solitary. At least it is for me most of the time. I look forward to outdoor painting trips with other artists. It's a chance to spend 24-7 painting, thinking about painting, and talking painting with like-minded souls.

I'll be headed to Ouray, Colorado to take part in one of the paintouts that is a part of Plein Air Southwest and it is also the September paintout for the Outdoor Painters Society. I've been there maybe 7 or 8 times to paint the Aspens when they turn golden. I will be joining up with about 20 painters, some I have known and painted with for many years, some I have never met. But we will all be kindred spirits. We will all know why we came. And although we won't get a chance to talk with each other that much, we will all know each others thoughts and the joy each had while painting.

I'll paint for six straight days in the high country. I'm hoping for clear days with low winds. I know I'll likely get some days with high winds, overcast, and quite possibly snow. I'll paint it all or at least try. However the day turns out, it will be Bliss ... because ... I'll be painting.

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