Hupedo Ranch

April 20 thru 23
Spicewood, Tx

Come and join this workshop to paint in the renown Texas Hill Country on a private ranch situated on the Pedernales River.  Study and enhance your painting skills !

Learn to keep it Fresh and Simple!

This workshop is about capturing light, color and simplifying the painting process.  Each day will begin with a demonstration and quick lecture followed by students painting the remainder of the day.  The class will be limited to10 participants with ample time for individualized instruction at the easel. 

The workshop is designed to encourage artists at all levels to attain greater mastery of their painting skills.  Fran will review the bas

The opportunity to stay on the ranch is a wonderful option for this workshop.  The cost includes room and breakfast, sack lunch and dinner and is included in the price of the workshop.  Images of the location should be posted about Jan 25.

Images will soon follow

Secure your spot.  Don't delay.